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Can anybody tell me if any of these running processes are malware?

Can anything be told from Task Mgr?

can not open task manager

Cannot Access Task Manager or Registry Editor

Cannot Access Task Manager and Regedit is Missing - Cannot Run DDS Tool in my co

Cannot Access Task Manager


Cannot Open Task Manager And Regedit.

Cannot open task manager or any applications

cannot open task manager.

Cannot open taskmanager or my virus scanner

Cannot not access task manager

Cannot run anything - programs hang

Cannot Open Task Manager Regedit Cmd

Cannot open taskmanager

Cannot Run. Files Using TaskMgr

Cannot start task manager

Cannot turn on windows update and cannot access task manager

Can't acces task manager.

Cannot Run Task Manager/possible Virus

Cannot use Ctrl-Alt-Delete or Run taskmgr

Cannot Open Task-manager . very suspicious

Can't access task manager w/ctrl+alt+del

Can't access task manager

Cannot Run Task Manager

Can't Access Taskmgr

Can't Boot In Safe Mode/task Manager Blocked By Administrator

Can't Access Windows Task Manager/regedit/cmd

Can't access Task Mngr

Can't Bring up Task Manger

Can't access the task manager

Can't find cause. too many iexplore in task manager

Can't find C: drive/ Task Manager Disabled

Cant Get Task Manager To Load / Other

Can't Open Task Manger and Regedit

Can't kill Windows Media Player

cant open task manager

Cant open up my task manager

Can't Open Task Manager

can't open task manager and other programs

Can't open Task Manager and Regedit

Cant Open Msconfig/task Manager/reg Edit

Can't Run Admin/Task Mgr

Can't open Task Manger

Can't Run Cmd-taskmgr-regedit

Can't Start Task Manager

cant start taskmanager

Can't start in safe mode & task manager won't end task

Can't open programs after freeze that happened.

Can't Use Ctrl+alt+del After Malware Infection

Can't Use Task Manager

changing permissions for proccesses in task manager

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