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can not open certain programs

Can not run any EXE file

can run the exe to install malwarebyete or superfreeantivirus

Can not run recommended files

Can not run some programs

Cannot access any .exe files

Cannot access installed applications in Vista

cannot download .exe files

Cannot get any executable to run

Cannot Open ANY .EXE Files

Cannot open Exe Files

Cannot open any 'setup.exe' file

Cannot load any .exe file

Cannot open one program

Cannot Open Any File. All Supporting Program Missing.

Cannot open .exe files - Please Help

Cannot open some EXE files

Cannot open some programs

Cannot run .exe (Maleware unknown)

Cannot run .exe applications

Cannot run any executables directly only through 'Open with' do they work.

Cannot run any executables directly

Cannot run any exe's

Cannot run .exe files after virus removal

Cannot run .EXE files in Windows Vista 64 Home Edition

Cannot run application

cannot access regedit or restore

Cannot run exe files

Cannot run exe

Cannot run any .exe files [Moved]

Cannot run any exe files and get BSOD occasionaly

Cannot run some EXE Files

Cannot launch or start ANY programs in windows vista

Cannot run programs - Virus/Issue Unknown

Can't download executable

Can't Download .exe Files

Can't get program to completely run

Can't open any exe files except ie

Can't open .EXE files in Windows Vista

Can't open .exe files??

Cant Open Exe's?

Can't open any exe files

cant open program

Can't Open Programs (.exe Files)

can't perform any .exe function

Can't open programs on vista getting message choose which program to open with

Can't open or run exe files

can't open some exe files.

Can't run .exe files

Can't run .exe files normally

Can't run .exe programs

Can't run any .exe files

Cant run any .exe files to my knowledge

Can't run any program

Can't run some exe files like regedit and command prompt

Can't seem to run any .exe files

cant start a program in vista

Can't start any app/.exe/programs on my laptop. need help.

Can't Run Any EXE Files After Windows Update

Cant run programs

Can't run exe or .com files - infected with virus

Can't start .exe files

cant run malware or any .exe files

Can't run exe. directly?

Can't Run Any Aplications

Can't run an exe file.

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